University of Washington

Michael J. Guralnick, Ph.D., is Director of the Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) and Professor of Psychology and Pediatrics at the University of Washington. He has directed numerous research, professional training, and development projects in the fields of early childhood development and intervention, with a special interest in the design and effectiveness of early intervention programs, peer-related social competence, and early childhood inclusion.

Current projects focus on the peer relationships of children with autism, the further development and application of the Developmental Systems Approach to early intervention, and international activities designed to integrate research and practice in the field of early intervention.

Dr. Giné

FPCEE Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University

Climent Giné is Doctor in Psychology and emeritus Professor of the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and of Sport Blanquerna at the Ramon Llull University.

Professionally, he has been director and psychologist of the CEE “Col·legi Sants Innocents”; he has occupied several responsibilities at the Educational administration (Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya; MEC) and at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; and it has been teacher of the FPCEE Blanquerna of the URL since 1995; and dean of 2004 to January of 2013.

Main researcher of the Research Group “Disabled and living Quality: Educational Aspects”; His main areas of research centre in the field of the services and the living quality of the people with disabilities and their families..

Dr. Simó

FPCEE Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University

David Simó- Pinatella is professor of the FPCEE Blanquerna and adviser in disorders behaviours in Ampans.

At present, it forms part of the group of Disabled research and living Quality: educational Aspects of the same Faculty, is president of the Group of Research in Special Education (GIEE) of Catalonia and member of the team of leadership of the European Association in Positive behavioral support.

His interests focuses mainly in the evaluation and design of preventive contexts to the occurrence of the problematic behaviours that present the children with and without disabilities in educational surroundings.

Dra. Sandall

University of Washington

Susan Sandall, Ph.D. is a Professor Emerita at the University of Washington. Her scholarly interests are effective instructional practices for young children with disabilities in inclusive settings, the changing roles of teachers of young children, and effective approaches to professional development and knowledge utilization.

She was Principal Investigator of the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning for the Office of Head Start; the Center continues its work as the EarlyEdU Alliance.

Dr. Sandall serves on the Division for Early Childhood (DEC)’s Commission on Recommended Practices and edited publications on the practices. She is co-author of Building Blocks for Including and Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs (2000, 2008).

Dra. Balmaña

Psychologist coordinator of the Day Hospital - UnimTEA for children and teenagers with ASD, of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

She has special interest in how to improve the socioemotional welfare and social thought of the people with ASD, realising since years groups of social skills and of social thought with children and teenagers inside the autistic spectrum disorder, as well as of accompaniment to parents of these children/teenagers. She combines her clinical task with the one of educational collaborator in diverse Masters and Postgraduates always treating the thematic of ASD (Ramon Llull University, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

Moreover, she has published articles in scientific magazines and participated in writing chapters of books on evaluation and intervention inside the Spectrum of the Autism. Accredited as therapist certified in the Denver Model of the UC-David, she also is part of the Clinical Committee of the Foundation Autisme Mas Casadevall.

J. Tamarit

Plena Inclusión

Psychologist, responsible of Transformation in Plena Inclusión.

Professor associated of the INICO. It has been Member of the Group of Experts of Autism of the Institute of Health Carlos III. Partner of honour of the Spanish Association of Professionals of the Autism AETAPI. Partner of honour of the Association ALANDA.

Prize INICO to the professional path. Prize Plena Inclusión.

Dra. Sheridan

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Susan M. Sheridan, PhD is Director of the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS), and a George Holmes University Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Sheridan’s research is concerned with promoting children’s social-emotional and behavioral competencies through parent partnership interventions.

As an intervention scientist focusing on children’s learning and development, she develops, investigates, and adapts interventions intended to close achievement and opportunity gaps for a diverse array of children through early childhood education and intervention; parenting and parent engagement; and family-school relationships and partnerships.

Dr. Sheridan has published more than 200 books, chapters, refereed journal articles and research reports on topics related to her research interests. Recent awards include the 2015 American Psychological Association’s Division of School Psychology Senior Scientist Award for distinguished career-long scholarship and the 2014 University of Nebraska’s Outstanding Research and Creativity Award.

Dra. Björck

University of Jönköping (Sweden)

Eva Björck has a background in psychology and education. She graduated in psychology at Göteborg University, and practiced as a clinical psychologist in the child health area. She also has a master degree in early childhood intervention from University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, and has practiced as a consultant in child habilitation services. She graduated with a PhD in Education at Göteborg University, 1990, and was appointed professor at Mälardalen University 1999.

Since 2006 she is professor in special education at Jönköping University and is one of the leading professors in the research programme CHILD (Children-Health-Intervention, Learning and Disabilities). Her focus is early childhood intervention, early childhood education and care, and inclusion. Today she leads the project “Participation as an outcome of spending time in preschool for children with and without needs for special support”. She has published extensively in the fields of Early Childhood Intervention and Augmentative and Alternative Communication.